100788-100, First Light Illuminated School Bus Sign Set BB Reflective

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  • 100788-100,  First Light Illuminated School Bus Sign Set BB Reflective
  • 100788-100,  First Light Illuminated School Bus Sign Set BB Reflective
  • 100788-100,  First Light Illuminated School Bus Sign Set BB Reflective
  • 100788-100,  First Light Illuminated School Bus Sign Set BB Reflective
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  • 100788-100
  • Customized Shape for each bus model to maximize light output for the greatest visibility
  • Illuminated & Reflective Sign
  • Installation Instructions Available Upon Request


Designed to convey to oncoming motorists the importance of the cargo the school bus is carrying. First Light’s Illuminated School Bus Signs (ISBS) are visual warning lights that replace the conventional decals and back-lit signs. By upgrading the visibility of the words SCHOOL BUS to the same level as lights on emergency vehicles, the ISBS makes your school bus stand out from all other large vehicles on the road.


  • Readable beyond 300 feet
  • Visible beyond 1,000 feet
  • Custom sign shapes for a perfect fit for different manufacturers' buses
  • Eliminates the large cut out needed for current back-lit signs
  • Low profile design allows for compatibility with bulkhead A/C
  • First Light’s patent-pending ultra bright illumination and mounting system
  • Easily mounted on your school bus from the exterior
  • Four to six holes for screws and one for the electrical connection are all that is required
  • Designed to prevent water/moisture entry into the bus
  • It's available in ILLUMINATED and REFLECTIVE!
  • Grabs the attention of oncoming motorists before they are close to the school bus. The ISBS is its own light source; it does not need a car’s headlights to be visible 
  • The words SCHOOL BUS are readable beyond 300 feet. The entire sign can be seen beyond 1,000 feet and is visible from all viewing angles – up to 180 degrees
  • The Illumination remains consistently bright and uniform in any weather condition, unlike reflective decals and existing back-lit signs
  • The ISBS eliminates the common industry complaints with back-lit signs – water intrusion, poor readability, and removes the need for large cut outs in the front/rear bulkheads

Operating Temperature: -40°F to +185°F

Operating Voltage: 9 - 16 VDC

Amp Draw: 3.5 Amps per set

Electrical Connector: Delphi 2 Pin Make MP150

Standards: DOT-Compliant, IP67 Rated

Mechanical & Electrical

ISO 16750-4: Operating Temperature Min/Max, Storage Temperature Min/Max, Thermal Cycle (Operating), Thermal Shock (Non-Operating), Humidity

SAE J1455: Frost, Salt Spray, Chemical Exposure, Pressure Wash, Operational Voltage Range, Load Dump, Conducted Transients, Radiated Emissions

IEC 60529: Water Ingress Protection (IP Code)

ISO 61750-3: Random Vibration

MIL-STD-202-213: Mechanical Shock

SAE J575: Impact Test

SAE J1455: Handling Drop, Transit Drop

ASTM G155: Accelerated UV Testing

ISO 16750-2: Intermittent Power Specification, Jump Starting, Cold Cranking, Reverse Polarity

SAE J1113-4: Bulk Current Injection / Conducted Immunity

SAE J1113-13: Electrostatic Discharge (Powered/Unpowered)

ISO 11452-2: Radiated Immunity


The Illuminated School Bus Signs are maintenance free aside from cleaning

Ensure ammonia free products are used for cleaning (which includes some window cleaners). Use of ammonia products can cause hazing on the lens

In the event a sign needs to be removed, it takes less than five minutes to unscrew the sign and disconnect the electrical connection

Common Questions

Is your product compliant with industry Regulations?

Illuminated School Bus Sign is approved in multiple states and provinces, please contact Unity for additional information. 

How long does it take to install?

An average retrofit installation is 2 hours to install both the front and rear sign. Installation time varies with exact bus model and equipped options. 

Warranty Length?

3 years mechanical, 5 years illumination. 

What size fuse is required?

A 10A fuse comes included with the retrofit installation kit.

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Warranty Information

3 Years Mechanical 5 Years Illumination
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